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Industry Leader

We’ve been in the business for 40+ years, and have been a leader in the field ever since. We take pride in sharing the  experience we’ve acquired. 

Quality Guaranteed

Cutting corners is not an option at our company. We do everything as thoroughly as we can, from the beginning to the end. No excuses and no shortcuts allowed. 

High Expectations

Strive for the top and you’ll reach it. That’s our motto, and our experience. We’ll work our hardest so that your most challenging goals, every time. 

Email Marketing Process

1. Audience Research & Building

In order to cater towards your audiences culture, expectations, and attitudes, we must first know about you and your industry. 

It’s important that you gather as much relevant information as possible about your audience from your e-mail signup. Relevant information to your industry may include title, company, location and field. Ask information relevant to e-mail campaigns, as the more you ask the lower your rate of e-mail signup becomes. 

If we’re building a list for you, our lists are always double opt-in lists. We must be compliant with current CAN-SPAM standards and consistently get very high delivery rates.


2. Analyze Goals & Objectives

Most prospects spend less than a few seconds viewing an email, so we must design campaigns that have effective calls-to-action & are compelling in order to engage them. It’s important to have a singular focus so that we can grab their attention and push them towards our desired goal. While it can be effective to have more than one call to action, it’s important not to overwhelm the prospect with offers. 


3. Email Design

We design completely custom emails to cater to your goals and audience. We carefully design them & ensure we have strong calls to actions, with supporting imagery, to increase click throughs and drive quality traffic to you.

The goal of our emails is to create brand awareness & trigger clicks that drive traffic to your website. Once they land on your website, it’s vital that they land on pages that reflect the message of the email. We always consider the user experience when creating emails and landing pages in order to increase click throughs and conversions.


4. Optimization

No one enjoys receiving & deleting spam. We send relevant messages only to the customers who fall within your audience profile. We determine this through segmentation, analytics, past user activity, and location.  

All Magnet email campaigns utilize A/B testing to optimize your click-through and conversion rates. We look at the results of every campaign we run and compare them with our other campaigns. This ensures that your emails are compliant with best practices, as well as that they drive the most traffic to your website due to perfectly tailored custom emails.


5. Analysis & Reporting

Time & frequency are very important when sending out email campaigns. We send at the optimal times for your audience to ensure that the highest percentage of subscribers open our emails.

Our campaigns focus on results. We analyze our campaigns and assess user behavior around email campaigns, then use our insights to develop an approach that increases click throughs and conversions for your audience. This is the most critical step of the process and where most others fall short. In order to have effective email marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to constantly asses and adjust our campaigns to fit the constantly changing audience.


Our Email Results

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