PMA Builder

PMA Builder is the most effective way to reach New and Existing Customers

At Magnet Digital we have one goal in mind, increasing your PMA.
We have spent years developing the most powerful program you will find.   

First, we start by creating a Customer Profile of every vehicle purchased from competing dealers within your PMA in the last 10 years. Then, we add defectors to other brands to the Profile to complete your dealerships personalized Customer Profile. 

We use the Google Search Network & Cross-Device Marketing to conquer your competition and gain market share. We put your specials and buying incentives in front of the competitions customers in the moments that matter – when they’re looking to purchase                                                                                                                                                      
Not only do we go after customers in-market, we also plant positive seeds about your dealership in your competitor’s customers minds at all time. Through Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Network, we broadcast positive reviews to all possible future buyers. We can’t guarantee they buy from you, but we can guarantee that they’ll put you on the shopping list. 
At Magnet we pride ourselves on consistent & transparent results. You will know how we are reaching your ideal customers in real-time through Google Analytics, as well as through monthly reporting. Unlike the competition, we can guarantee we will drive real traffic with engaged users. 

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There are people in the market to buy a car, SUV or truck who may not know your dealership. We make sure they do and put your dealership on their shopping list.

Take the first step to reaching them and let Magnet Digital show you how to build your PMA and Sell More Cars.  
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