About Us

  • The Story behind the Story.
  • In 2012 we met at a large Chicago-land Dealer Group. While Joe was working for the Dealer group as their Digital Director, I was a vendor trying to figure out the best product for dealership that could impact car sales. We had tried several companies with some success, but found most didn't deliver on the promise or delivered only part of it. Everyone really just had their wares to sell where we really just wanted to help our stores succeed. So we sought to put the best technology together where we could and plug in others if needed. Today we a proven process and technology that has 2 goals; build your business today and lock it down for tomorrow. We work with our stores to show them how their traffic is doing and what we can do to improve upon it. 
  • Then we furnish a 60 day report to show the sales we influenced and how we are impacting the store. 
  • That's what we do. 

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